Possible End Times Timeline

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by Jason Conley

First of all, this is important to remember that this is a “possible” end times timeline.  Also, the Jews use a Lunar calendar based on the cycles of the moon.  Their new year starts on Rosh Hashanah every year which is a floating holiday, dependent on the sighting of the new moon in the fall.  [...]

All About Heaven

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by Jason Conley

Heaven has been just as manipulated by popular culture as Hell has.  A selfish attitude of man’s paradise has weaved it’s way into the mindset of the church and has become a false motive for good behavior for most Christians today. First of all, the Heaven we think of where we go when we die [...]

All About Hell

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by Jason Conley

The Bible is very clear and direct when it comes to a place called Hell.  There have been countless distortions throughout history, whether through imaginary tales in literature or modern spoofs and cartoons, but make no mistake, Hell is real.  We’ll discuss what Hell is not, and also what the haunting reality of Hell truly [...]

This is a recurring problem in Churches nation wide, and perhaps worldwide.  Churches are no longer instructing the newly-saved Christians on how to not only grow in their own relationship in Christ but how to win others to the Lord.  Suddenly, Churches have placed on their own mouths a muzzle that hinders and silences their [...]

Once Saved Always Saved?

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by Jason Conley

Many people struggle with the thought that they can somehow lose their salvation once they believe and obtain it.  Salvation, for them, seems too good to be true so they add to the equation, creating difficulties and hoops to jump through that the Lord never put in their way.  Can salvation be as simple as [...]

No more complaining, no more wallowing, no more defeated feelings of cowered looks and hung foreheads.  We have VICTORY through Christ Jesus over hell and death itself!  The Lord God took those things that I couldn’t overcome and he hung them on the cross along with my sins.  And He didn’t say, “that’ll work for [...]